Week 5: Artist Interview

This week,

there were a couple of paintings that I was really interested in but there was one in particular that caught my eye and made me wonder a lot. That was the painting of Roddey Hernandez and Karen. It was more of Roddeys piece of artwork that I found very interesting. His painting was that off him playing pool which he loves and his brother on top of him playing pool. This signified how his brother was always there for him and was flowing through him in the pool game and was helping him win that pool game. The art piece was in memory of his brother. In the art work, he was about to hit a number 8 ball which signified him accepting the loss of his brother. The 8 ball is the winning ball in a game of pool. Which can symbolize his acceptance of his brothers death. I found it very intriguing in a way that you can see a lot of artists relating their art work to a tragic loss or sone thing like that which is inspiring because not a lot of people can summon up the time and energy to create something like that. He said the artwork took about 3 weeks to complete.



Week 5: Classmate Interview

This week,

I met a young lady named Marisol Gonzalez. She is 19 years old and her major is Child Development. She likes to play soccer and she plays on a soccer team lol. She loves to dance and spend time with her family and boyfriend. What Marisol swims with is basically her career and family and boyfriend. She wants to get a career to make her family proud and wants to help children. She also loves being around her boyfriend and the attention she recieves from him and the comfort and love of having him around is what attracts her to him.

Heres a picture of her and I together!


Week 4: Artist Interview

David De Mendoza.

Where do I start, his artwork really caught me off guard. It was really dark and ominous but I liked it. Compared to all the other artwork I saw his was the one that really caught my eye. Especially the art work of the painting of the baby, it was really creepy but it was my favorite.


He is from Santa Monica and has about one year left at CSULB. What inspires him is scary movies and his favorite scary movie is The Shinning. He started drawing 3 years ago. He loves to draw because it is a way of express himself and its like the window to the soul.

Week 4: Activity


This weeks activity was pretty fun! I never new spray painting was so fun hahah and a little messy! But anyways, I worked all this weekend so I was not able to go to Venice beach which I really wanted to because I’ve never been there. But soon I’ll go and visit the wall and maybe spray paint with the leftover spray paint I have. And the way the colors contrast is pretty cool too! I ended up drawing all over my board after writing my name on it lol got a little carried away but this was my masterpiece before I went crazy!


Week 4: Classmate Interview


This week I met a girl in my classroom named Belen Garcia. She is a third year student at CSULB. Her major is Sociology and she wants to minor in women studies. For her major she wants to work in the area of domestic violence and wants to minor in women’s studies to give her a better or a deeper look into women’s rights. In her free time, she likes to go out, dance, eat and likes to spend a lot of time with her family. She does believe that art matters because we wouldn’t have buildings and paintings to put up in our living rooms, etc. And this is her!


Week 3: Artist Interview

Hi again!

This week we went to the gallery for the first time and I was not expecting to see what I saw. The artists name and his work that I really loved was by Nicholas Bamford. The gallery his art work was currently displayed in was the Max L. Gatov Gallery. He did not have a name for his art work. I found out what his Instagram was “nikbamf4d” and followed him right away!

So lets get into his art work, his art work which was sculptures were very interesting to see. I was not expecting to walk in there and see figures that looked like they were performing an action such as playing a guitar or singing or sitting on the floor. I believe what the sculptures were made out of looked like clay or even cement to me. And they looked like they were just molded so quickly and not precisely which is okay too!

It seems to me that some of these sculptures have to do with the artists life. I feel like he was portraying moments that happened in his life in the sculptures which is pretty amazing to just capture one moment and to create it into a sculpture twice their size! He said that his sculptures were finished in between 1-2 days! WOW! I can barely finish cleaning my room in 1-2 days, that’s amazing.

I feel that this one sculpture that was standing there playing a guitar related to me in a way because just like anyone else I love music! Music can get me through a lot of things on a daily basis. If it’s just from walking to class or getting up and going to workout. And also there was a big sculpture of a hand which I felt to me symbolized a helping hand. It was twice my size and I felt like it was there to help the artist throughout all his endeavors.

Overall, great experience, cannot wait to see what gallery we will see this week!

image image image image

Week 3: Instagram activity


This weeks activity was quite interesting. Having a class of 150+ students and posting about our days with a simple hashtag was interesting because people were doing the most random things which was funny! I probably saw over 10 posts of food and over 10 posts of selfies with our professor and probably over 20 posts of the art gallery! Nothing wrong with that and I also got to see people’s dogs and friends and selfies of themselves also. For this activity, I made a new Instagram, I previously had one but I deleted it because of personal issues. Now having this Instagram I am not as attached to it and I do not feel the need to be on it whatsoever. I’m glad to say that because social networks can take over people’s lives lol. Not saying they’re bad either because you can keep up with your friends lives but for me personally it’s quite a relief not having social networks.

But seeing everyone post about their days was cool because I got to see a peak or a part of people’s days and where they’re commuting from or what time they arrived to school and also their sculptures! Overall fun activity again, loved it!

These were my posts, just in case you guys did not see them!


Week 3: Classmate Interview


Well this is one of my good and gorgeous friends Estrella Meza aka Star! She is probably one of my closest friends I’ve had ever since high school. She currently attends CSULB for recreation and leisure studies concentration in management. We are also workout buddies and we also love to double date with our boyfriends haha. We like to go to the Rec on campus from time to time if not we will go workout at our local high school on their track. She also lives in Downey and works for the City of Downey!

So when I asked Star what she thought about art, she said this, ” In art, there isn’t a right or wrong, it’s the way you perceive. There is always a different way to interpret a piece. In a way, it takes you back and let’s you relive any moment in life through your own piece.”

I agree with her completely and believe art is always in the way someone perceives something soley because I know that when I look at a piece of art work and Star looks at a piece of art work we both see something different. She could see squiggly lines and I can see masterpiece.

But back to Star, we both have enjoyed this class so far and can’t wait to see what we will learn from this class!

And one more thing….this is actually her not the picture above haha!



My sculpture :)

FullSizeRender (5)FullSizeRender (4)FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender (1)

So this was my plaster casting experience! I had a ton of fun doing this but it was really hard to get it down. I went to Seal beach at around 8am. I did not leave until around 11:30am! It took a good 3 hours to complete this project. What took the longest was waiting for the plaster to harden which in the end did not lol. Overall, it was a pretty fun experience! And if I were to ever do it again I would make sure that I brought a shovel because I forgot one this time and it took us quite awhile to dig a deep hole and to dig out my cast!

This was the end result of my project, it was not what I was hoping for but it still kind of looks like my foot? Lol!

FullSizeRender (7)