Hi again!

This week we went to the gallery for the first time and I was not expecting to see what I saw. The artists name and his work that I really loved was by Nicholas Bamford. The gallery his art work was currently displayed in was the Max L. Gatov Gallery. He did not have a name for his art work. I found out what his Instagram was “nikbamf4d” and followed him right away!

So lets get into his art work, his art work which was sculptures were very interesting to see. I was not expecting to walk in there and see figures that looked like they were performing an action such as playing a guitar or singing or sitting on the floor. I believe what the sculptures were made out of looked like clay or even cement to me. And they looked like they were just molded so quickly and not precisely which is okay too!

It seems to me that some of these sculptures have to do with the artists life. I feel like he was portraying moments that happened in his life in the sculptures which is pretty amazing to just capture one moment and to create it into a sculpture twice their size! He said that his sculptures were finished in between 1-2 days! WOW! I can barely finish cleaning my room in 1-2 days, that’s amazing.

I feel that this one sculpture that was standing there playing a guitar related to me in a way because just like anyone else I love music! Music can get me through a lot of things on a daily basis. If it’s just from walking to class or getting up and going to workout. And also there was a big sculpture of a hand which I felt to me symbolized a helping hand. It was twice my size and I felt like it was there to help the artist throughout all his endeavors.

Overall, great experience, cannot wait to see what gallery we will see this week!

image image image image

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