Well this is one of my good and gorgeous friends Estrella Meza aka Star! She is probably one of my closest friends I’ve had ever since high school. She currently attends CSULB for recreation and leisure studies concentration in management. We are also workout buddies and we also love to double date with our boyfriends haha. We like to go to the Rec on campus from time to time if not we will go workout at our local high school on their track. She also lives in Downey and works for the City of Downey!

So when I asked Star what she thought about art, she said this, ” In art, there isn’t a right or wrong, it’s the way you perceive. There is always a different way to interpret a piece. In a way, it takes you back and let’s you relive any moment in life through your own piece.”

I agree with her completely and believe art is always in the way someone perceives something soley because I know that when I look at a piece of art work and Star looks at a piece of art work we both see something different. She could see squiggly lines and I can see masterpiece.

But back to Star, we both have enjoyed this class so far and can’t wait to see what we will learn from this class!

And one more thing….this is actually her not the picture above haha!


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