This weeks activity was quite interesting. Having a class of 150+ students and posting about our days with a simple hashtag was interesting because people were doing the most random things which was funny! I probably saw over 10 posts of food and over 10 posts of selfies with our professor and probably over 20 posts of the art gallery! Nothing wrong with that and I also got to see people’s dogs and friends and selfies of themselves also. For this activity, I made a new Instagram, I previously had one but I deleted it because of personal issues. Now having this Instagram I am not as attached to it and I do not feel the need to be on it whatsoever. I’m glad to say that because social networks can take over people’s lives lol. Not saying they’re bad either because you can keep up with your friends lives but for me personally it’s quite a relief not having social networks.

But seeing everyone post about their days was cool because I got to see a peak or a part of people’s days and where they’re commuting from or what time they arrived to school and also their sculptures! Overall fun activity again, loved it!

These were my posts, just in case you guys did not see them!


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