This week,

there were a couple of paintings that I was really interested in but there was one in particular that caught my eye and made me wonder a lot. That was the painting of Roddey Hernandez and Karen. It was more of Roddeys piece of artwork that I found very interesting. His painting was that off him playing pool which he loves and his brother on top of him playing pool. This signified how his brother was always there for him and was flowing through him in the pool game and was helping him win that pool game. The art piece was in memory of his brother. In the art work, he was about to hit a number 8 ball which signified him accepting the loss of his brother. The 8 ball is the winning ball in a game of pool. Which can symbolize his acceptance of his brothers death. I found it very intriguing in a way that you can see a lot of artists relating their art work to a tragic loss or sone thing like that which is inspiring because not a lot of people can summon up the time and energy to create something like that. He said the artwork took about 3 weeks to complete.


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