Hello everyone!

This week our activity was to broadcast our daily life on Periscope. And to also watch 3 other well known Periscopers and three other classmates that were on Periscope.

First off, here is what I periscoped about…

On Thursday night, I went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal! The experience was great honestly. This is my second time going and I loved it again. However, my videos were kind of dark, I’m sorry about that but it was at night and I tried to show a glimpse of my whole night lol. I had to wait in line for 60 mins for a maze which was the Halloween maze with Micheal Myers in it. REALLY SCARY!


This was the line I waited in, blurry I know, I’m sorry guys!

There were also areas around Universal where they had “scare zones” where you walked through them and there were people in costumes scaring you!


You can barely see it but that was one of the things that kept chasing me around that area lol it was funny and scary!

Well a couple other things I have periscoped about, is my study sessions with my boyfriend and my lovely dogs!

My dogs are my life and my best friends! I was teaching my dog in one of my periscopes to give me her hand which was extremely hard lol. She is still about 10 months, a puppy still! Her name is Cairo like the city in Egypt since I am half Egyptian I wanted her to have some sort of association with that part of my life. And she is a boxer mix!

Here she is being cute as always!


My other dog her name is Cleopatra but Cleo for short, she is a Labrador mix and is about 6 months now. They always play fight and I periscoped that as well! Luckily it’s just play fighting!


We also had to watch 3 other classmate Periscopers, which I did. Some were people I knew and others were people I didn’t know. My friend was in Palm Springs at a restaurant for a birthday, my other friend was just relaxing with her younger sibling at home and this random person in class was doing Hookah lol.

Here’s some screenshots I was able to get…

image image image


Last thing we had to do was watch three other Periscopers who were well known on the periscope app.

First person I came across was Bree Olson because of our professor Glenn Zucman who introduced us to her show. She’s a very friendly young lady and her stories are quite interesting. And I also love how she does her make up and her make up tips!


I also watched one of her “breeopps” and her name was Jessica.

She was just blogging about her day and also about her child which was so cute! I forgot to take a screenshot of her live video 😦 but she was checking on her child and her child kept talking and was wide awake but Jessica left her because she needed to sleep even if her child kept calling her lol it was funny!

Lastly I also watched Sam Holmes on what he should eat and it was also funny and long but interesting because when I watch people on here they literally go on rampages of what they’re talking about. I couldn’t even do that myself with my Periscopes, it was pretty hard to be honest. But watching these people who do it for a living is fun and the people who join from around the world makes it so much more interesting.

I’m thinking of keeping Periscope and making it a new hobby to document my life!

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