Alice Andreini.

This week at the galleries, I was captivated by her artwork. Honestly I’m not much of an artistic person but I can be. However, her art work was very colorful and very precise in the details. Her art work had a lot to do with gardening because her mother loved to garden. Her mother who lived in Minnesota was sick so she would help her mother garden which gave her some interest into painting about gardens. She used oil paint for her drawings where she created them on the CSULB campus.

Here is one of her art works that I loved! Wish I could have them in my room!


Her first piece of art was this picture below:


This picture is also a garden but it has military figurines. Those figurines were found in her mothers garden when her mother was digging to garden. Which is pretty cool because it is something that happened in her life and she was able to just paint it on a piece of canvas!

She also started painting kind of recently, 5 years ago she took up the hobby of painting and believe that is a privilege to do and a great activity. She also has had a background in theater design which helped her become more artistic you can say. Her favorite type of paint is oil and gauche. I liked her art work a lot but she does not have a Facebook or Instagram sadly. It was really nice meeting her though and being able to see her art work!

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