I loved this weeks activity with Snapchat!

I haven’t used Snapchat in awhile and bringing it back was fun! Lol

This week we had to draw on our snapchats and capture other people’s snapchat drawings as well!

Here were some of mine:

image image

One was at the art galleries and the other one is of my younger brother. We had a costume party this weekend and he dressed up as Harry Potter and I was a kitty! Yes I know basic but whatever lol.


These were some art works I captured at the galleries:

image image


The first one is my favorite because it reminds me of how I love food and will chase after it up a ladder lol!

I feel like this weeks activity was very simple but it was fun because everyone was having fun drawing stuff on their snapchats.

I forgot to screenshot who took what in the pictures above 😦

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