This week the artist I interviewed was Maccabee Shelley.

He started working with ceramics about 8 or 9 years ago. Then started pursuing art 100% in 2010. This is his 3rd gallery at CSULB and his 4th semester of being here. He obtained his Undergrad degree in Studio Art from Humboldt University. He recently traveled to Italy because a bunch of his classmates including himself were sent over there for the semester.

All his art work is made out of what it looks like which is like in the picture below the art work is made out of plastic bottles and glass. Also in some of his art work, he uses melted glass which I thought was really cool. To me, melted glass is very extravagant and different. I love how it looks.


One of his pieces has is this random bagel that says “I love bagels”. I LOVE bagels with a passion so that was my favorite piece from the art work.


Ever since he was a kid he never thought about art. As a kid he was always into the sciences and never anticipated doing art. But when he decided to pursue it and finally told his parents about it, they said that they were not surprised that he was pursuing an art career. He is very passionate about what he does in the way he talks about his art.

Some random trinkets he finds in dumpsters or at thrift stores. He has a bucket outside of his place where he lets the people in his community place all their old glass that they do not use. He wants to set up a wish list on his website where people can donate things they no longer use so he can use for his art work.

Here is his website for more of his information but overall loved his art work!

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