So here was our storyline and

It all began in a far away land named Chocolopolus. This happy town runs off chocolate, where everything is chocolate and people need chocolate in their everyday lives to live. The big bad guy that everyone fears is Monchichi. She loves chocolate and is willing to go beyond measure  to take control of the sweet savory chocolate system. Yaya, a towns woman is in charge of the chocolate system, she has complete power and runs the chocolate pipes to keep the townspeoples resources running. Monchichi despises her and her power is being able to control the pipes. Monchichi, being as selfish as she is, she wants to have a lot more chocolate than the rest, but she can’t because she doesn’t hold the control as Yaya does. Bob the Builder is a Monk, who supposedly doesn’t need chocolate to survive, and so far, he has proved it by living in Cocoa Less Valley. He knows the village people fear Monchichi Because they don’t know what she is capable of doing in order to get all the power within the chocolate system.  Monchichi knows exactly what to get in order to coerce Yaya into giving her all the power. Yaya has a best friend, Ish the Fish. One day, Monchichi sent out one of her chocolate trolls in disguise to go steal Ish the Fish. Yaya is getting back from a hard days of work because all the plumping had been down in the town… A coincidence?.. I think not! She begins to look for Ish the Fish and can’t find him anywhere, she searches everywhere, it isn’t long before she realizes he’s been stolen, and she knows exactly who to point to. She calls Bob the Builder to the rescue to capture Ish the Fish. In order to get to Monchichi, Bob the Builder has to travel to the 7 layered ever long chocolate forest and fight off chocolate trolls and wolves to get to the finest chocolate to lure Monchichi. Once Bob the Builder gets to the finest chocolate, he then infuses his sword with the chocolate and is off to fight Monchchi. When he finally reaches her house, he begins to fight her with his sword as she fights back. With every slash Bob throws, Monchichi is put into a trans and falls into a deep sleep. Bob rescues Ish the Fish and Yaya is relieved to have her Pal back. Monchichi fails miserably and lives a sad life knowing she will never gain power to the chocolate system.

Our characters analysis’ are below:

Bob the Builder- He is a monk who lived deep in the Coca Less Valley. A man of legend and myth, the one supposed man who could live without chocolate.

Monchichi- this character is the antagonist she desires power to the entire chocolate system. She stole Ish the Fish and will not give him back at any cost. She holds Ish the Fish hostage in order to coerce Yaya into transferring control of the chocolate plumbing system to Monchichi without realizing the secret power of Ish the Fish, he puffs up when he is near a well.

Ish the Fish- A young, wise puffer fish who has the power to puff up and sense chocolate wells. He is soon captured by Monchichi because she wants all the chocolate systems to herself. It is up to his faithful companion Yaya to save him.

Yaya- A young towns woman who controls all the chocolate systems and has to save Ish the Fish her one and only trusty companion with Bob from Monchichi, her worst enemy.

You can find Ish the Fish on Facebook and Instagram.



And Bob can be found on Instagram and Twitter.



Monchichi’s snapchat profile picture is as follows:

 IMG_1536Yaya can be also found on Snapchat (she is very sad she lost her fish):



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