Matthew Dumpit!

This weeks artist interview seemed very shy and awkward but talkative. He was really nice to talk to and answered everyones questions. His work was very intricate. There seemed to be so many little pieces that created one whole piece of art work. He said to make his art work he used a lot of metal and wire. The chair that he had displayed was made out of mid welding wire, not too sure what that is but when I first saw the chair I thought it was just an ordinary chair made out of wood.


The artist said that when he starts his work he begins with an array of emotions, he can be sad, confused, happy, frustrated. And from there he gets lost in his emotions then begins to get lost in his work. He gets more lost in a “muscle memory” where he then begins to build things little by little. Intricate things require a lot of focus so he had to stay focused therefore being lost in what he does helps him stay focused. It took him 5 months to complete this whole gallery.

Here’s a little video I took of one of the objects in his gallery:

Well….I tried to attach the video right now but it would not let me. He had a couple pieces that were all the same in the aspect that they can move if you turn one of the little knobs on the object.


To me, the nature of the art work does not necessarily appeal to me but the way he gets lost in his work and has so many emotions building up in the beginning kind of relates to me. For example, before I do a paper I begin to stress about every little thing and I begin to worry about how good or bad my paper actually is. And the intricate ways I need to be able to finish the paper in detail. I really liked his art work though. It was something I have never seen before and a piece that we were actually able to touch and interact with was pretty cool.

He actually has no website or social networks.


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