This was so hard!

Lol so I could not figure out what to use to make a thing that can hang on my wall. First I thought of breaking a hanger apart and then gluing different ones together but then I thought that would be too hard. So then I figured out I should use a pencil and some string to make the hanging part and use a push pin or a nail to hold it on the wall. I got the idea of cutting up shirts and making that my strings but then I remembered that my dogs got into the house and ripped off some strings from our pillows so I thought hey! Why not use that? So I found the strings and used them instead as a part of the hangers with the pencil and I found some old pendants in my rooms that I never used and I found a random stringy tassel in my room and used that for the art that I would hang from the pencil.

What I learned from this is that being creative is not so hard but it is hard when it comes to something you have no idea what to do lol. The results were not what I expected but hey I tried lol. It made me very frustrated because I had to dig through the trash to find the strings lol but overall, it was an interesting experiment that made me value the art of fiber more.



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