Week 9: Classmate Interview


My classmate that I interviewed this week was Leslie Lopez. She is a second year and her major is Criminal Justice, she wants to work in forensics or become a detective. She is 19 years old and attended Paramount High Schoo. It’s crazy how close a lot of these people that are on campus live to me! Lol, she loves to hang out with her friends, go to the beach, and loves to shop! Like me! Lol, she loves In-N-Out and her favorite color is blue. Her favorite art work was this one where there were t-shirts cut up and each t-shirt represented a culture and they were all brought into a circle which represented all the cultures brought together. I do no remember seeing that one but I wish I did, it sounds really cool!

Her wordpress is leslielopez.com 🙂


Week 9: Artist Interview

This week the artist I interviewed was Maccabee Shelley.

He started working with ceramics about 8 or 9 years ago. Then started pursuing art 100% in 2010. This is his 3rd gallery at CSULB and his 4th semester of being here. He obtained his Undergrad degree in Studio Art from Humboldt University. He recently traveled to Italy because a bunch of his classmates including himself were sent over there for the semester.

All his art work is made out of what it looks like which is like in the picture below the art work is made out of plastic bottles and glass. Also in some of his art work, he uses melted glass which I thought was really cool. To me, melted glass is very extravagant and different. I love how it looks.


One of his pieces has is this random bagel that says “I love bagels”. I LOVE bagels with a passion so that was my favorite piece from the art work.


Ever since he was a kid he never thought about art. As a kid he was always into the sciences and never anticipated doing art. But when he decided to pursue it and finally told his parents about it, they said that they were not surprised that he was pursuing an art career. He is very passionate about what he does in the way he talks about his art.

Some random trinkets he finds in dumpsters or at thrift stores. He has a bucket outside of his place where he lets the people in his community place all their old glass that they do not use. He wants to set up a wish list on his website where people can donate things they no longer use so he can use for his art work.

Here is his website for more of his information but overall loved his art work!


Week 8: Activity

This weeks activity was very confusing. We had to use this app called Somebody. And in the app we had to have someone send out messages to our friends which was really confusing because in the end my friends never received my messages or the person never sent my messages. I do not think I would use this app again because it’s really confusing and it did not work for me. Like the purpose of it was interesting but when it came down to it, nobody would send my messages and I tried to receive messages but they never got to me? I don’t know maybe I’ll try using it one last time and see if it works for me. These were notifications, that’s what they were full of. I kept trying and trying but nobody would ever send my messages.


Week 7: Activity

I loved this weeks activity with Snapchat!

I haven’t used Snapchat in awhile and bringing it back was fun! Lol

This week we had to draw on our snapchats and capture other people’s snapchat drawings as well!

Here were some of mine:

image image

One was at the art galleries and the other one is of my younger brother. We had a costume party this weekend and he dressed up as Harry Potter and I was a kitty! Yes I know basic but whatever lol.


These were some art works I captured at the galleries:

image image


The first one is my favorite because it reminds me of how I love food and will chase after it up a ladder lol!

I feel like this weeks activity was very simple but it was fun because everyone was having fun drawing stuff on their snapchats.

I forgot to screenshot who took what in the pictures above 😦

Week 7: Artist Interview

It’s a pretty cool thing to be able to see people’s actual art work being displayed to us on campus. I do feel lucky when I see people’s art work. This week I met Jane Weibel who is 30 years old and has been at CSULB for two years and has one year left. She resides in Downtown LA. Her inspiration for her art work was three photos she found of her childhood in which she tried to recreate in her gallery. The gallery her artwork was in was Max L Gatov West. She said she wanted to recreate the pictures to the best of her ability so she would not forget the moments she had lived with her family. It also signified how we all have glimpses of our memories not full memories of our childhood. And the fact that she can’t fully remember these memories gives her anxiety and so much tension. She also has been thinking about her family a lot because a family member recently passed away from Alzehemiers. I loved how passionate and sentimental she is about her art and how she brings so much emotion into it. I can literally feel all the emotions she feels when she spoke about her art work. Her Instagram is @janemargarette. In the end, her art work was made because she wanted to really cherish those moments with her family.

image image image image image image

Week 7: Classmate Interview

It’s always hard finding a classmate to interview. Always so shy to go up to someone and introduce or ask them if they have an interview already but this week I managed to muster up the courage and ask Stefany Rodriguez if she had an interview. Luckily she didn’t. She is a second year and CSULB. Her major is criminal justice and she is 19 years young not old lol. She attended Jordan High School and loves to walk her pitbull Dory, and loves to workout and pump some iron! Her favorite color is pink, however, if she were to dye her hair one color it would be grey because she’s seen the color on people and said she likes the way it looks!



The classmate that I interviewed this week was Rosario Fino aka Lesly! She is 20 years old like me and has been a good friend of mine ever since my first year of college. She is also a third year like me. Her major is Child Development. She wants to pursue a degree in Child Development because she wants to be a social worker and wants to further her knowledge on children themselves. On her spare time she loves to go to the beach, loves adventures, and loves to binge watch Netflix.

The words she associates with some colors are:

Blue: Sadness

Black: Scary

Red: Blood

Pink: Victoria’s Secret

Yellow: Happy

Teal: Tiffany Jewlery

Orange: Sun

This is a picture of my friend Lesly!



Alice Andreini.

This week at the galleries, I was captivated by her artwork. Honestly I’m not much of an artistic person but I can be. However, her art work was very colorful and very precise in the details. Her art work had a lot to do with gardening because her mother loved to garden. Her mother who lived in Minnesota was sick so she would help her mother garden which gave her some interest into painting about gardens. She used oil paint for her drawings where she created them on the CSULB campus.

Here is one of her art works that I loved! Wish I could have them in my room!


Her first piece of art was this picture below:


This picture is also a garden but it has military figurines. Those figurines were found in her mothers garden when her mother was digging to garden. Which is pretty cool because it is something that happened in her life and she was able to just paint it on a piece of canvas!

She also started painting kind of recently, 5 years ago she took up the hobby of painting and believe that is a privilege to do and a great activity. She also has had a background in theater design which helped her become more artistic you can say. Her favorite type of paint is oil and gauche. I liked her art work a lot but she does not have a Facebook or Instagram sadly. It was really nice meeting her though and being able to see her art work!

WEEK 6: Activity

Hello everyone!

This week our activity was to broadcast our daily life on Periscope. And to also watch 3 other well known Periscopers and three other classmates that were on Periscope.

First off, here is what I periscoped about…

On Thursday night, I went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal! The experience was great honestly. This is my second time going and I loved it again. However, my videos were kind of dark, I’m sorry about that but it was at night and I tried to show a glimpse of my whole night lol. I had to wait in line for 60 mins for a maze which was the Halloween maze with Micheal Myers in it. REALLY SCARY!


This was the line I waited in, blurry I know, I’m sorry guys!

There were also areas around Universal where they had “scare zones” where you walked through them and there were people in costumes scaring you!


You can barely see it but that was one of the things that kept chasing me around that area lol it was funny and scary!

Well a couple other things I have periscoped about, is my study sessions with my boyfriend and my lovely dogs!

My dogs are my life and my best friends! I was teaching my dog in one of my periscopes to give me her hand which was extremely hard lol. She is still about 10 months, a puppy still! Her name is Cairo like the city in Egypt since I am half Egyptian I wanted her to have some sort of association with that part of my life. And she is a boxer mix!

Here she is being cute as always!


My other dog her name is Cleopatra but Cleo for short, she is a Labrador mix and is about 6 months now. They always play fight and I periscoped that as well! Luckily it’s just play fighting!


We also had to watch 3 other classmate Periscopers, which I did. Some were people I knew and others were people I didn’t know. My friend was in Palm Springs at a restaurant for a birthday, my other friend was just relaxing with her younger sibling at home and this random person in class was doing Hookah lol.

Here’s some screenshots I was able to get…

image image image


Last thing we had to do was watch three other Periscopers who were well known on the periscope app.

First person I came across was Bree Olson because of our professor Glenn Zucman who introduced us to her show. She’s a very friendly young lady and her stories are quite interesting. And I also love how she does her make up and her make up tips!


I also watched one of her “breeopps” and her name was Jessica.

She was just blogging about her day and also about her child which was so cute! I forgot to take a screenshot of her live video 😦 but she was checking on her child and her child kept talking and was wide awake but Jessica left her because she needed to sleep even if her child kept calling her lol it was funny!

Lastly I also watched Sam Holmes on what he should eat and it was also funny and long but interesting because when I watch people on here they literally go on rampages of what they’re talking about. I couldn’t even do that myself with my Periscopes, it was pretty hard to be honest. But watching these people who do it for a living is fun and the people who join from around the world makes it so much more interesting.

I’m thinking of keeping Periscope and making it a new hobby to document my life!

Week 5: Artist Interview

This week,

there were a couple of paintings that I was really interested in but there was one in particular that caught my eye and made me wonder a lot. That was the painting of Roddey Hernandez and Karen. It was more of Roddeys piece of artwork that I found very interesting. His painting was that off him playing pool which he loves and his brother on top of him playing pool. This signified how his brother was always there for him and was flowing through him in the pool game and was helping him win that pool game. The art piece was in memory of his brother. In the art work, he was about to hit a number 8 ball which signified him accepting the loss of his brother. The 8 ball is the winning ball in a game of pool. Which can symbolize his acceptance of his brothers death. I found it very intriguing in a way that you can see a lot of artists relating their art work to a tragic loss or sone thing like that which is inspiring because not a lot of people can summon up the time and energy to create something like that. He said the artwork took about 3 weeks to complete.