Week 13: Artist Interview

Tyler Turett.

This weeks gallery was some art work made by Tyler. The characters in his art work resembled that of the ones from Disney or Nickelodeon. Which I absolutely loved because I love Disney art! He is also finishing his last semester here at CSULB as an animations major which makes sense, his drawings are so animated! lol…

To create his drawings, he used Photoshop, After Affects and Flash. His drawings always come out as he goes. Until he sees that the character goes with his theme or just to his own liking.

His art work takes me back to those mornings where I would eat my cereal and enjoy Dragontales or Spongebob before school after taking a shower and my mom brushing my hair. Oh the memories!




Week 12: Activity

In this weeks acitvity, we had to create an ePortfolio, in which we had to change our website into something that displays our likes, aspirations and over just us.

I wanted my website to be about the ocean, and about how beautiful the earth is. I want people to begin to appreciate what life is and everything around them. And not be so materialistic about certain things, and to really appreciate what nature is.

I love to be by the ocean or be out hiking. So I am changing my title to “Free” which to me means to be free and one with nature.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 9.23.25 PM

Being free can mean so many different things to people. But overall when you think of free, you think of just floating around in the wind or twirling in the breeze.


Week 12: Artist Interview

Christopher Michael Linquata.

The art work that this artist drew was paintings in which he used acrylic paint. His paintings took place in the Sunken City in which he named these paintings the Garden of San Pedro. His paintings were very detailed which is what I absolutely loved. His paintings had to do with mythological and religious themes.

Since his paintings had to do with mythological and religious ideas, in some of his paintings you can tell that he represented Jesus in a sense and the people around him represented the saints sleeping. What he said he was thinking about is putting all the art work together. He worked on multiple pieces at once.



I am not a religious person at all so I cannot relate to any of these pieces but I still do however find these pieces to be very beautiful in the sense that his passion for his religion is very strong and he is able to portray that into his paintings. I love his passion and love for his religion it is inspiring in the way that he feels so strongly about something.

His instagram is @icon5350.


Week 12: Classmate Interview


This week I interviewed a fellow classmate named Bryan Hernandez. He was actually from the same city as me and graduated from the same high school as me. He is 19 years young which does make him a year younger than me. He is a sophomore at CSULB.

His major is business management, and he likes to hang out with his friends, listen to music, go to the movies and camp. He also likes to hike just like me!

His favorite color is blue and he loves italian food, yum pasta~

Bright colors such as yellow, red and orange activate him. And colors such as blue and purple calm him.

His wordpress is https://hernandezbryan.wordpress.com/.


Week 11: Actvity -Fiber Art

This was so hard!

Lol so I could not figure out what to use to make a thing that can hang on my wall. First I thought of breaking a hanger apart and then gluing different ones together but then I thought that would be too hard. So then I figured out I should use a pencil and some string to make the hanging part and use a push pin or a nail to hold it on the wall. I got the idea of cutting up shirts and making that my strings but then I remembered that my dogs got into the house and ripped off some strings from our pillows so I thought hey! Why not use that? So I found the strings and used them instead as a part of the hangers with the pencil and I found some old pendants in my rooms that I never used and I found a random stringy tassel in my room and used that for the art that I would hang from the pencil.

What I learned from this is that being creative is not so hard but it is hard when it comes to something you have no idea what to do lol. The results were not what I expected but hey I tried lol. It made me very frustrated because I had to dig through the trash to find the strings lol but overall, it was an interesting experiment that made me value the art of fiber more.


Week 11: Artist Interview

Lets talk about this weeks artist interview!

First off her work was all made from ceramics and some pieces were made from yarn. All the pieces varied in sizes, they looked like mini people made from clay. I loved it so much, the aura of the gallery was mysterious, and sad but not in a bad way. They were all set up in a way that made you wonder what the artist was thinking when making them.

Such as this piece right here, I was like OMG WHERE IS THE HEAD lol but in my head of course!

FullSizeRender (11) Read more

Week 11: Classmate Interview


This week I interviewed my classmate named Filimon Soltero. Soltero in Spanish means single, lol thought that was an interesting last name! Anways!

This is his 3rd year, he is majoring in healthcare administration.

His dream job is to work the business side of the hospital hence why his major is healthcare admin, lol.

He likes to play sports such as soccer! Soccer is my favorite sport, I love watching the Fifa World Cup.

He likes to watch movies, and meet new people. And just like any college student, he likes to eat haha.

His favorite food is tacos, a person can never go wrong with tacos lol. And his favorite color is green.

He graduated from Centennial High School in Compton and he is from Compton.

He thinks tattoos are art because they are a way for people to express themselves.

His wordpress is http://filimonsoltero.com.

And here is our selfie!

FullSizeRender (10)

Week 10: Artist Interview

Matthew Dumpit!

This weeks artist interview seemed very shy and awkward but talkative. He was really nice to talk to and answered everyones questions. His work was very intricate. There seemed to be so many little pieces that created one whole piece of art work. He said to make his art work he used a lot of metal and wire. The chair that he had displayed was made out of mid welding wire, not too sure what that is but when I first saw the chair I thought it was just an ordinary chair made out of wood.


The artist said that when he starts his work he begins with an array of emotions, he can be sad, confused, happy, frustrated. And from there he gets lost in his emotions then begins to get lost in his work. He gets more lost in a “muscle memory” where he then begins to build things little by little. Intricate things require a lot of focus so he had to stay focused therefore being lost in what he does helps him stay focused. It took him 5 months to complete this whole gallery.

Here’s a little video I took of one of the objects in his gallery:

Well….I tried to attach the video right now but it would not let me. He had a couple pieces that were all the same in the aspect that they can move if you turn one of the little knobs on the object.


To me, the nature of the art work does not necessarily appeal to me but the way he gets lost in his work and has so many emotions building up in the beginning kind of relates to me. For example, before I do a paper I begin to stress about every little thing and I begin to worry about how good or bad my paper actually is. And the intricate ways I need to be able to finish the paper in detail. I really liked his art work though. It was something I have never seen before and a piece that we were actually able to touch and interact with was pretty cool.

He actually has no website or social networks.

Week 10: Classmate Interview

This week I met a classmate that goes by the name of Donna Tang.

She was very sweet and friendly. She is Chinese and Vietnamese. This is currently her last year at CSULB. She is a double major in Social Work and Chinese. She currently works part time at a domestic violence shelter and has decided that she really wants to work with women who have been victims of domestic abuse. Her favorite color is blue, close to mine because mine is teal. She loves seafood but sadly is allergic to octopus and squid. I say sadly because I love calamari!

What she likes to do for fun is ride her skateboard and longboard and also loves to play the guitar. If she were to travel the world, she would go to Israel or Greece.

Her website is donnatangblog.wordpress.com

And here is a picture of us! 🙂